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arrow_circle_down Ideas for using our Large Applique Letters

Ideas for using our Large Applique Letters


While I was making my one 50’s wall hanging, (see below)  Darina made all these projects with our Large Applique alphabet.    Placemats, Wall hangers, and a super Door hanger with removable snaps – an awesome way to have little ones learn their names.

She constantly inspires us with both her ideas and how fast she makes everything

Once Darina posts her pictures on the Facebook Group, she always gets asked for her instructions, so Darina has kindly shared her ideas



Background Quilted Panel by Darina

Darina made a background Quilted Panel using her easy block joining method

Click here to view her instructions for making a Quilted Panel


Darina stitched the 8 x 12 size Letter H from the Large Applique Alphabet Design Set, (full instructions on making the letters are included in the download file)

Darina adding the names from her inbuilt lettering designs on her machine.  

(If you are new to this, please read our Adding Lettering Blog)

How to join Quilt Blocks-14


Position your letter in the centre of ‘quilt’.

Stitch using matching or invisible thread. Stitching just on the inner edge of the satin stitch.

How to join Quilt Blocks-5

You can watch Kay stitch a Large Applique to a backgound on her Turkey Placemat Video


Trim neatly all the way around then overlock/surge the outer edge.

If you are making as a quilt or wall hanging, you could add a backing fabric, then bind the edges

You can watch Kay add binding on her Sashing and Binding Video

Darina framed her Holly wall hanging - isn't it fantastic!!

Framed Large Letter by Darina


How to join Quilt Blocks-16

With a shorter name, Darina used the smaller 5x7 hoop size of the Large Alphabet for the letters

To make the background panel Darina stitched

Darina joining the pieces of her quilt blocks on her sewing machine as normal, then stitched a wide decorative stitch over the join - not only does it add interest to the background, but also hides any imperfections!!!

How to join Quilt Blocks-17

You can see from this picture, that you create a beautiful background quilt  using 'scraps' or off-cuts of your quilt blocks - a great re-cycling method

Wouldn't this idea be great as a centre piece for a personalised Quilt!!


Name Door Hanger using Large Alphabet by Darina-600

How cool is this idea of Darina's to make a 'tall' banner with removeable letters to make a game for Spencer to help him learn his name!!

As with the MIA Wall Hanging, Darina made a background quilt panel, which she cut down to 16 inch squares - you could easily make this with 4x4 hoop designs.

Darina used the 8x12 size for the Large S (finished size  ), and stitched to the centre of the panel

Large Applique S banner

Once panel completed,  Darina added a layer of bag batting on the back of the panel, and bound the edges

Tall Letter Banner



Darina stitched the rest of the letters using the 5x7 size 

Then created a 1 inch double thickness piece of binding the length required for the name

Laid the letters out and worked out placement

Added kam snaps to both the Binding and each letter


Placemats with Large Applique letters - 600

Darina has shared her instructions on making Placemats previously , but as a quick guide

Placemat 1

Darina used the 8x12 cross hatch design from the Free Crosshatch Set to 'pre-quilt' her background, but you can use any qulting combination, or omit completely.

If you don't have a large hoop, you can pre-quilt your fabric yourself on the machine - Darina shows how on her Quilted Reading Pillow Blog

Darina used the 5x7 Large Applique S, then added her own inbuilt machine lettering for the Spencer Placemat.  For the Ivy Placemat, she used the 5x7 large applique I, with the 4x4 letters from our Applique alphabet set - it really depends on the length of the name.

  • Stitch the letters to the placemat
  • Add a layer of clear vinyl
  • Cut to size, and bind    


Darina added the Large N to a bag she had made

While Darina was making all this, I managed to start my 50th Birthday Wall Hanging for Hubby

I used the 8x12 numbers and have made a start to pre-quilting a background.

The idea being is at hubby's 50th, friends will write messages on the background using fabric pens, and I frame later.   I used non-girly fabric for Hubby, but this could be gorgeous done in silvers or gold for wedding anniversaries.

Large Applique Birthday Numbers and bag

I hope this gives you all some ideas on how you can use the Large applique Letters and Numbers - its definitely a great set to have in your stash.

Be sure to join our Facebook Group and share your ideas, we can add to this blog 

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