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arrow_circle_down An alternative method for joining Quilt Blocks

An alternative method for joining Quilt Blocks

Darina is our queen of ideas.  Here she shares her quick and easy method to join quilted  blocks to make larger panels or even quilts.

Darina used this method to create her 'word art'  wall hanging, to be framed for her 8 year old granddaughter to hang above her bed in her new room.

You can use this method to make any size Wall Hanging or complete quilts

How to join Quilt Blocks-4

This alternative method of joining blocks, involves butting up the raw edges of your embroidered blocks, stitching together with a loose zig zag, then covering the seams with a narrow binding.


You can use any 'background' quilting designs you like.  

 If you are new to making Quilt Blocks, you can download our Free Cross Hatch Quilting designs, which include the designs, and full photo instructions showing how to make a Quilt Block 

Our Basting Stitch Blog and video shows how you can align Quilt designs to make large panels

  • For some of the blocks Darina quilted a large panel then cut it down into smaller squares.
  • For others Darina used 4x4’s designs 
  • Darina used the large 8x12 cross hatch design for the centre piece
  • The 'beauty' of this method, is you can mix and match hoop sizes and designs


  • Make as many blocks as required to make your desired finished size panel
  • Lay all your blocks out, then combine the blocks into rows
  • Choose an appropriate stitch - I used a zig zag with a width of 6mm length 1.5mm
  • Stitch blocks together as below, into rows, then join rows to make the completed panel

How to join Quilt Blocks-9

Sample photos using contrast thread so you can see the joining stitches

How to join Quilt Blocks-7

How to join Quilt Blocks-8

Don’t panic if they don’t meet exactly as the binding will hide any slight discrepancies!

How to join Quilt Blocks-15


  • I cut 1.5” strips. I have a binder maker which makes it easy but you can also buy small manual ones you use with your iron.

How to join Quilt Blocks-12

Sample photos using contrast thread so you can see how Darina adds the binding

How to join Quilt Blocks-10

How to join Quilt Blocks-11

You do all the small seams first - be aware that some will be included in your long runs top to bottom and side to side, which will cover the ends of the smaller ones.

How to join Quilt Blocks-2

How to join Quilt Blocks-1

How to join Quilt Blocks-3

How to join Quilt Blocks-4

Now you have a fully quilted completed background for a Wall-hanging or Quilt 

In these samples, Darina used our Large Alphabet Designs to complete the Wall Hangings - you could use any Large Appliques or designs with this method

Click here to view Darina's instructions for making these projects

Large Applique Alphabet Ideas by Darina - 600




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