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arrow_circle_down 13 ways to use our Large Applique Animals

13 ways to use our Large Applique Animals

If you have read our Partying with the Animals Blog, you will know that I created my Large Jungle Animal Collection with the idea of making a Quilt.    Since then, not only have I added more Animals, (with more to come), the amazing kreative bunch in our Kreative Kiwi Group, have used the Large Animal Appliques many different (and innovative) ways.

For those of you who aren't members of our Group, I've compiled all their ideas together, so you can share in their inspiring ideas

1.  Add the completed designs to a Quilt

There are soooo. many photos of Quilts that have used our Animals, this is just a few samples for ideas.   The Large Appliques are perfect for Quilts, as you can use pretty much any block/style/size of 'background' quilt, and simply stitch your Animal in place.

Quilts using Large Applique Animals

2.  Make a Wall Hanging

Not enough time to make a Quilt - make a wall hanging - same idea as a Quilt, just on a smaller basis.  Make your background, then add your animal

Wallhangings made with Applique Animals

3.  Make a free-standing Wall Hanger

All the animals are made as 'stand alone' appliques.  Add a hanging tag and backing to make reversable and/or give the Animal 'body'   Check your animal instructions - some designs can be made reversable as you make them - ie the Large Butterfly 

Free-standing Applique

4. Make a Birth Announcement

While some of the Appliques are made specifically for Birth Announcements, if you have editing software, you could add in your own names to many of the animals.  Click here to read our Blog  'Creating a Beautiful Embroidered Birth Announcement'

Birth Announcements using Applique Animals

5. Make a Reading Pillow

Our Large Appliques have been hugely popular for Reading Pillows.  Here are a few, but if you want some ideas for Reading Pillows, then click here to see what everyone has been making!!   

Darina from Sew Nice by Darina is our Reading Pillow Queen, you can click here to view and download her instructions for creating a Reading Pillow

Reading Pillow Ideas

6.  Add to a Cushion

How simple is this - add your applique to a pre-made cushion.

Cushions made using Large Applique Animals

7. Add to a Bag

Add your finished applique to a pre-made bag - shopping tote bags are perfect.  Or use your favourite bag pattern

Bags with Applique Animals

Cathy of Pickle Creations used our Large Butterfly for her Tote Bag

Bags by Pickle Creations

8. Make a bag with Animal Head Closure

Pauline shared this gorgeous Giraffe Bag she made - cleverly using the Head of the Giraffe as a closing tab.

  (Thanks so much Pauline)  We've copied Pauine's idea with our Large Koala Bag

Bags with Head Closure

9. Make a Hooded Towel

Here's a few samples on Hooded Towels using our Large Appliques

Faye kindly shared her instructions for making a Hooded Towell

Hooded Towels

10.  Make a Placemat

When we released our Farm Animal Collection Darina from Sew Nice by Darina shared how to make her beautiful and original placemats

Animal Applique Placemat Designs

11. Add to an Art Bag

Cathy of Pickle Creations used our Animal Appliques on her Art Bags

Your can purchase her Art Bag Pattern on Etsy

Artbook Ideas

12. Add to a canvas

Such a simple and easy idea which takes the designs to another level

Stitch or glue your design to a piece of fabric, and add to a canvas

Click here to view Showcasing designs on canvas

Add to canvas

13. Add to Clothing

Add large animals to clothing

I hope you have been inspired by our kreative group! they are amazing!

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