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arrow_circle_down How to stitch a completed Large Applique to an item

How to stitch a completed Large Applique to an item

We get many queries, asking how you attach your completed Large applique designs to an item. 

It's easier to show you, than explain

If you are not familiar with our Large Appliques, you might wonder why we don't just embroider the applique on our fabric as we go?  Our large applique designs are created to give us the ability to make large designs bigger than our embroidery hoop, so they are created in 2 or more hoopings (all joined together as we stitch).  Many of the designs are completely reversable, (which will be stated on the design information page) or, many designs are created free-standing, to be attached later.

There are many benefits to stitching your completed applique to a project, rather than appliqueing as you go - the first one being, if you have an issue with the stitch-out (we all have them), you won't have messed up your entire project, and secondly, you have a very neat back - you only have the outline stitching showing, rather than the back of your applique design.   I love this finish on Minky blankets or towels

If your design has a one color outline, then thread your machine with matching thread.

Where your design has multiple outline colors, use a clear monofilament quilting thread

  • Pin your design in place
  • Stitch thru the centre of the decorative satin stitch edge

(Turn down your sound - my machine is a noisy beast!!)

Kay has also created this fantastic video on making a placemat using our Large Turkey Applique - this also includes how she stitches the Turkey to her Placement

You use the same steps, to back any completed Large Applique design, to turn it into a Wall Hanging 

Pin in place any hangers between your applique and backing fabric, and stitch to your backing fabric (use a non-freying fabric like felt)

Add backing 01

Cut away excess felt as close as possible to the stitched edge

Cut away excess fabric

Now the back of your design will be as neat as your front

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