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arrow_circle_down How to embroider on Towels

How to embroider on Towels

Beverly shares the method she uses when embroidering on Towels.


  1. Hoop fabric type wash away stabilizer (1 or 2 layers depending on density of design).
  2. Use hoop grid to mark centre of design on stabilizerHow to embroider on towels- 1a
  3. Fold towel in 1/2 vertically and horizontallyHow to embroider on towels-4a
  4. I print out design to place on towel to ensure correct placement. Place printout on towel with bottom of design 2” up from bottom of towel. Line vertical lines on printout with vertical fold line on towel. Place on stabilizer, lining design marks up with lines on stabilizer. Pin in place. I do not hoop. I float and pin to stabilizer around hoop.How to embroider on towels- 5a
  5. With design loaded in machine place hoop on machine. Move needle vertically & horizontally to line up on cross hairs of printed design. (Location for doing this varies by machine)How to embroider on towels-7 a
  6. Once everything is properly aligned, remove printout and place Solvy (clear plastic type wash away stabilizer) on top of towel in hoop and pin in place.How to embroider on towels-9 a
  7. Stitch design
  8. Tear Solvy away from design & remove towel from hoop.How to embroider on towels-12a
  9. Trim wash away stabilizer around design on back.
  10. Rinse towel to remove stabilizer and let dry
  11. I press the towel and fold.

Beverly Daffodil on Towel

Kay made this gorgeous Kitchen set with our:

Daffodils Embroidery Design

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Daffodil Kitchen Set by Beverly-600

Beverly writes - "This is just how I stitch my towels. I realize my printing the design template is not possible for everyone. There are many other ways to do this I’m sure but this is how I’ve alway done it. Just let me know if you need anything else.  Bev"    

I'm also going to share another 'hot tip' Beverly has shared on the group

 Save a mistake on an embroidered towel


I’m calling this my how to save a towel project. I was stitching a design on this towel and thread issues. Try as I may I just couldn’t get through it. Had really planned to just ditch the towel. It didn’t cost that much, no big deal. Well I just couldn’t let it go. I remembered the Elegant Monogram and said perfect for saving this towel. Am very pleased with the save.

Thanks so much for sharing Bev!!  You can contact Beverly on the Kreative Kiwi Facebook Group, where Beverly is a member of our fantastic Admin Team and Group Expert

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