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Our Kreative Kiwi Community


Heather - Kreative Kiwi 

Tell us a little about yourself?

I'm born and bred in Christchurch, New Zealand.  As with all Kiwi's, we are children of immigrants - My Mum's family from Scotland, Dad's family from Ireland.   (I had no chance with the red hair and freckles)

I have 3 beautiful, strong minded Girls - My eldest is out on her own now, studying Law at University.  The 'little ones' are 11 and 12 - they still live at home LOL, together with my Hubby Terry, our dog Buddy, and 3 Cats!

 When did your Love affair with Machine Embroidery start?

I was about 8 months pregnant with Ruby, and I went to our local sewing shop to get some wool - saw the embroidery machine running by itself, and I was SOLD.  

I was an embroidery addict right from the start, plus the idea of making your own picture into a sewing pattern sounded very cool, so I started 'playing'.

What machine did you start with? Brand, model, max hoop size - (what machine do you have now?)

The very first machine I bought from Daphne at the Sewing shop was a Pfaff 7570 - 4x4 Hoop

Pfaff 7570

Loved the machine, but realised very quickly that I needed larger hoops.

I've upgraded a couple of times since, but managed to get my Dream Machine - the Pfaff Creative Vision about 8 years ago, and I'm still using that one - almost daily.

How much time a week/month do you spend stitching?

Never enough!! - Realistically I would stitch 3/4 days a week.

 Who do you create for?  (Family, Friends, to sell)

I create for YOU to make - LOL 

I'm afraid to say, I'm the typical stereotype now - I stitch for work, so no stitching done for the family.  The last 'true' stitching for Gifts, have been embroidering on Cubbies - the Girls all got one for christmas.   I was embroidering a Cubbie for a gift yesterday - and it killed my machine Cry  (Machine is in shop for 10 days)

Cubbie killed machine

What is your favourite Kreative Kiwi Design?

I Love them all, but The Mandala Topper is the one that I want to use for my Dining Table (one day)

When I see the photos on the Group,  I get so inspired with the different fabrics - One day I will use them for a Quilt too.


Are you happy to show us a ‘real’ photo of your sewing area/sewing room?

Not really!!  As the kids have got bigger, I have been relegated to the tiny spare 4th Bedroom.  We are planning to convert one of the garages into my workroom in the next two months, but in the meantime, I am cramped into a little pink room.

Sewing Room


Do you have any Storage tips from your sewing space? Stabiliser, fabric, notions, ribbons, buttons?

I am lucky to have some very cute metal containers from my Mum - double purpose, they are great size for my sewing 'stuff', plus a lovely memory of Mum - I also have my personal Guard Dogs guarding the Buttons.    (I will be reading all your tips on storage once my workroom is ready)

Button shelf

What advice would you give to someone starting out?

  • Buy the machine with the biggest hoop you can afford
  • Buy your machine from someone close - if they offer classes, even better
  • Join Groups like ours, where you can learn from 'everyone'
  • Stitch, Stitch, Stitch
  • Enjoy


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