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arrow_circle_down Fabric - What a difference it makes!

Fabric - What a difference it makes!

When I first got my Embroidery Machine, I added filled embroidery designs to everything that moved.  A few years down the track, and based on our most popular designs, machine embroidery has changed.  It seems in our short on time lifestyles, Applique and In-the-hoop Projects enable us to quickly make professional hand-made  items. - Great for quick gifts, or for selling at Markets.   Being clever with Fabrics adds another (and even quicker) element.

Blank CoasterOur In-the-hoop Coasters have been very popular, but I had so many requests for a 'blank Coaster', so I created one.  This is my effort - pretty boring!

Then I started seeing photos from my incredibly creative Facebook Group - and 'what a difference Fabric (and imagination) makes!

Debra-In-the-hoop Star Wars Coasters

How awesome are these Coasters?  Debra has taken our humble 'Blank Coaster' used licensed fabrics and her Coasters are now 'really cool for young ones' - I'm sure they would sell well at Markets.

Debra-Religious Coaster

With this fabric, the Coasters are transformed into a beautiful Gift for a Friend at Church, or a Friend needing some inspiration.

Cindy Mickey Mouse Coaster

These very cute Coasters from Cindy, are perfect for little Girls - They would make lovely party favours!

These examples, all use a technique called 'fussy cutting' - Click here for tips on Fussy Cutting

Fabric choice doesn't just apply to small projects like Coasters - Our large applique Place-mats can also be made with 'special' fabric.

Broncos OctagonPlacemat

Maria used our Octagon Placemat to make this for the 'Mancave' - Her Fabric choice has changed the 'pretty' placemat into a very cool 'Man' Placemat (and we all know how hard it is to embroider for Men!)

Toni Grinch Dresden

Toni uses our Dresden Design for many of her Sets - this is just one example - again, a 'pretty' design is now suitable for Boys.

Betty Boop In the hoop Bag

Betty shared this today - again a clever use of licensed fabric with our In-the-hoop Bags

Dawn photo paper

How inspiring is this absolutely stunning Placemat Dawn made for her Daughter - I think this is truly beautiful.  I bought printable fabric 'paper' for my computer from my local Craft Shop, do a quick search on Google for your closest stockists.

What a difference Fabric Makes!!

Its not only using special/licensed fabric, sometimes just the style of fabric makes a difference.

How about this? - My Hexagon Swirl (rainbow) against the absolutely beautiful Placemat Jacqueline made - same design, but they look totally different,

Hex Swirl In the Hoop Placemat 

Rita used nappa (imitation leather) for these Free Coasters - Again, what a difference Fabric makes!

Leatherlok Coaster

I hope this gives you a few ideas on how your Fabric choice can both enhance your Embroidery Designs, and in the case of the Coasters, enable you to make quick and popular items for a market, or for a personal gift, and in most instances, you only need scraps!

Want to see an example of one design/many fabrics? - Take a minute to view our really quick video showing how different our Free Coffee Cup Design looks with different fabrics .

If you are looking for Inspiration, be sure to join the Kreative Kiwi Facebook Group - the photos being shared are truly inspiring - it will give you lots of ideas.

A HUGE THANK YOU to  the wonderful Ladies on the Group - using their photos lets me add pictures to my ideas - its much nicer seeing photos rather than just words.  

For those without Facebook - Check out our Inspirations page, I put together quick videos show casing everyone's amazing projects.

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