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A Touch of Color
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I'm just loving this set!!  I wanted a 'pretty' and quick design to put on a sheer fabric to make a cloth food cover, but once I stitched these designs, I've got all excited and can see them on linen, cushions, placemats etc. 

The designs are very low density for the colored portions, so I found the lighter colors worked well (they just haven't scanned well).  There are more jumps than usual in this set, as using lighter colors and lower density, I didn't want the connections to show thru. 

The designs are sized for a 5x7 hoop.

 How beautiful is this Quilt Gillian made - the colors are perfect

Gillian-Touch of Color Sample

Shellie shared her beautiful Quilt with a touch of color

Touch of Color - Shellie

Diane combined our Everlasting Rose Mug Rug with the Touch of Color Designs -just perfect with the Fabric!!

Diane Mug Rug

Delores shared her beautiful Quilt using our Touch of Color designs - I'm constantly amazed at the beautiful projects you make with these simple designs


Rope basket by Debra using Touch of Color

(google how to make a rope basket for directions)

rope basket by Debra using Touch of Color

Barbara used the Hearts from our Hearts in Abundance design to make these Valentines Coasters

Hearts and touch of color designs by Barbara

Linda combined these designs with Hearts in Abundance Placemat

Hearts in Abundance and touch of color by Linda

Candie combined our RW Ladies and our Touch of Color designs to make this amazing quilt

RWLadies and TOC desiggns by Candie

A touch of color by Wilma


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8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm