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Orca Wall Hanging
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For hoop sizes 5x7, 6x9, 9x9 (Janome) 8x12 and 10x16 hoops.

The five panels that make up this design can be joined in the hoop or on your sewing machine, the choice is entirely yours.

FINISHED SIZES orca wall hanging

If you love nature, then this Orca Wall-hanging is definitely for you.

A very versatile design that you can adapt to suit yourself to create any number of gorgeous day or night-time effects with the use of the many beautiful fabrics that are available today. If you add iridescent Mylar (florists cellophane available on Amazon) under the iceberg and the sun or moon it will glisten when the light hits it, creating visually stunning effects. You could also use iridescent or metallic threads to stitch any of the features such as the quilting, bubbles and seaweed in the panels too.

On top of that, the three middle orca panels can be stitched and arranged in any order you choose. If you flip some of the panels vertically in your machines settings you have got even more layouts at your fingertips to play with, so you could grow your runner or wall-hanging even more if you wanted to.

If your machine uses a giant 10x16 hoop, this set will lend itself to making beautiful placemats as Flo did with her stitch out (see photos below). How about making a bag?

Whatever you choose to make with the panels in this design, they are quick and easy to stitch and there is a stitch along video to accompany you every step of the way.

In the hoop Orca Wall Hanging by Kays Cutz




This design has been very popular with the KK Admin Team - Look at these amazing samples!!

beverly and Kay - orca Wall hanging

  • Beverly created a stunning night time setting with her wall-hanging by using dramatic dark blue fabric and white thread for her iceberg and moon.
  • Kay made her gorgeous runner using an 8x12 hoop, she used beautiful iridescent thread on her iceberg instead of mylar.

Sandy and Louise - Orca Wall Hanging

  • Sandy stitched the mylar in with her sky fabric to create the effect of the Northern lights shimmering and dancing in the sky on her beautiful runner.
  • Louise made a beautiful runner for her dining table.

Darina and flo - Orca Wall hanging

  • Darina made her gorgeous runner using a 6x9 hoop and she finished it by adding sashing with a lovely nautical theme.
  • Flo made a gorgeous set of placemats using her giant 10x16 hoop.

Jungle Combo by Mari

Dee combined these beautiful Orca designs with our Large Rectangle Scallop Placemat to make this stunning set

Orca Large Placemats by Dee

Large Orca Wall Hanging 140324

Orca Wall Hanging by Dana

Large Orca by Nancy

We would love to see what you make with yours so do email us a photo or post one on Kreative Kiwi Embroidery's Facebook group.


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8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm