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arrow_circle_down Stockists of Water Soluble Stabiliser

Stockists of Water Soluble Stabiliser

Whats so special about Water Soluble Stabiliser?

It washes away in warm water completely!!   

For our Large Applique Designs (placemats, Coasters, Large Applique Animals) you don't want any stabiliser showing on the edges!!

We recommend Water Soluble Stabiliser WSS - once your project is completed, you run a Q-Tip with warm water around the edges, and there is NO trace of stabiliser left on the edges, or, chuck your completed design in the wash, and the Stabiliser will be washed out of the entire design.  

Octagon Placemat made In the hoop

 Now there is always more than one way to skin a cat - many of our Kreative Kiwi Group members use 2 layers of heavy Tear-away for our Large Appliques, then they tear it away once their project is completed.   It is personal preference.

I do say 'TEST FIRST'  the risk you run with using Tear-away on our Large Appliques, is that the Tear-away might 'tear' away from the satin stitch edges before your design is completed.

There are two types of Water Soluble Stabilisers

 Solvy Topper  Fabric type WSS
Clear Plastic Look Solvy 'Topper' Fabric Type Water Soluble Stabiliser

The Solvy sample on the left is used as a wash away topper when you embroider on towels or fur - it keeps the nap of the fabric down to ensure a great stitch-out - WE DON'T USE THIS TYPE FOR OUR LARGE APPLIQUES - it is not strong enough.

The fabric type WSS is what we recommend - it is stronger, and will hold up well for our Satin Stitch edges - we do suggest TWO LAYERS 

As with many products in the Embroidery World, there are different names for each product between Countries and Companies.   The links below have been sent to us by our Kreative kiwi Group.

Kreative Kiwi has no affiliation to any of these Companies.  

I live in New Zealand, and I purchase my Water Soluble Stabiliser from Echidna

or you can purchase from Spotlight Online 

Vilene Soluble Interfacing Fabric White


New Zealand/Australia

Echidna Sewing



Creek Creations




Mary and Helen both purchase from Walmart 

Walmart is another excellent store for WSS by Pellon Wash-n-gone. I order by the bolt, when possible. The bolt is 20"X25 yards. The price is a bit less than Metro.


Amazon UK

 Note from Kay (UK)

My favorite brands are Brothread wash away stabilizer and Super Punch H2O Gone FSL when it is available. I get the 12"x25 or 50 yard rolls and they last a long time as I only need to use 2 layers per hooping. My stabilizer is 2oz medium weight but I am not sure what weight this one is but if it is thin you can always add an extra layer.
A little advice to save you time and money, stabilizer is the foundation to your stitch out, like a house if it fails so does everything else on top of it, so not skimping on your stabilizer will always save you money in the long run. You can save money elsewhere such as on cheaper fabrics and threads (I use Simthread it low cost and reliable).
The plastic wash away stabilizer is a topping, it is for putting over the top of fabrics with a pile such as faux fur, Minky, fleece, towelling and such so that the stitches don't sink into it and get lost, so it isn't a waste of time having it in your stash.
Here is another really good company where I get all my fabrics and poly fleece batting from, Emma is in the UK, this is the stuff I use and the batting that you see in most of my videos.


If you have a favourite stockist, feel free to let us know.

A big THANK YOU to Kim, who compiled this info.   If you are not already a member of our Kreative Kiwi Group, then please join us - we have so many helpful Members, and there is such a ton of helpful hints and tips like this information.  

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