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arrow_circle_down How to make In the hoop Sleeping Bags for Little Dolls

How to make In the hoop Sleeping Bags for Little Dolls

Make a super cute gift for a little one when you make these gorgeous In the hoop Sleeping Bags for little dolls.

Darina shares her fabulous idea

Thanks so much Darina!!


Free In the hoop Ted by Kreative Kiwi

We loved Darinas cute idea so much, we created a

Free In the hoop Teddy

that you can use instead of small Dolls


 Darina adapted our Quilt Bag for her Sleeping Bags

While we can't make the Quilt Bag free, use the code


at Check-out, and you will get the Quilt Bag for $2.50 (75% discount)

When you make the Quilt Bag to Instruction, you have your pretty fabric on the front of the hoop, and,  add the front 'pocket' to the back of the hoop - this is so the 'pretty' fabric shows when you fold the flap to the front

 In the hoop Quilt Bag open  Quilt Bag Closed

Because the Sleeping Bags stay open, you can swap the fabrics around, and add your pocket on the front of the hoop

 In the hoop Sleeping Bag with Free Teddy

Lining Fabric - plain Blue

Pretty Fabric  - Florals

Sound confusing?

Just follow the Quilt Bag Instructions, but make the changes marked in RED

(Its harder to explain, than it is to just do!!)

Quilted Front

  • Make the quilted front as per instructions using your 'pretty' fabric

Now stitch the Bag

Quilted Bag Stitch Sequence

  • Stitch Color 1 Guideline for Bag
  • Place your Pretty Fabric on the BOTTOM of the hoop
  • Place your Lining Fabric on the TOP of the hoop
  • Stitch Color 2 to attach
  • Stitch Color 3 which is the Quilting
  • Place your completed pocket ON THE FRONT OF THE HOOP
  • Skip Color 4 (decorative stitch for Flap)
  • Remove Hoop from Machine and Cut away all your excess Fabric
  • Return hoop to Machine and stitch Color 6 - Satin Stitch edge

That's it!   All done

Sue from OML shows how to make the original Quilted Bag

Heres (just a few) Sleeping Bags Darina has made

Such a great way to use up fabric scraps - and a really cute Gift that Little Ones will LOVEKiss

I've seen posts on the Group about using this idea for Little Gifts for Kids in need

Samples of In the hoop Sleeping Bags



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