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arrow_circle_down How to make a Sleeping Bag for Dolly - version 2

How to make a Sleeping Bag for Dolly - version 2

Everyone Absolutely Loved  Laughing Darina's In the hoop Sleeping Bag for Ted, now Darina shares how to make a Sleeping Bag to fit any size doll/teddy


By Darina

These can be made to suit any size doll. 

How to make a Sleeping Bag for Dolly


  • 1 mtr of two coordinating fabrics (will need a little bit more for the largest size.)

  • 1 mtr of wadding/batting 

  • Decorative lace or edgings is required 

  • Optional** Kam snaps


Cut at 


16-18” doll 

39 x 13 

38 x 12 

14-16” doll 

36 x 13” 

35 x 12 


32 x 11” 

31 x 10 


Step 1 - Cutting

Cut the fabric to required size 

Cut the wadding to required size 

Step 2 - Embroidery and/or Quilting

The world is your oyster with this project!

You can add any embroidery design you like - if you don't want the back of your embroidery to show, then add your embroidery design to your main fabric now, before you construct your Sleeping Bag

(See below, if you want to see how to add a simple outline design after you have made your sleeping bag

or you can

Quilt your Fabric and wadding ** Optional

Quilted Fabric for Sleeping Bag

Not sure how to cross hatch quilt? Click here to read our How to Quilt a Reading Pillow - this has the same techniques

 Step 3 - Construction

Lay your two fabrics right side together. 

Place your wadding on top (I chose to put it on the fabric I want on the outer side of the bag)

To have a nice curve on the corners I used a dessert bowl as a guide and marked it. 

 How to make a curved edge

Stitch all the way around leaving an opening on one side (approx. half way down on your side seam). 

Now trim and clip your corners. 

Step 4 - Top Stitching

Turn the bag through then press lightly. 

Pinning Sleep Bag

Before I top stitch I pin all the way around as per my picture.  With the narrow point of the pin facing the stitch line you should get a nice finish. This way you don’t get stretch of your top fabric. 

Top stitch with at least a length 3 stitch, or use a nice embroidery stitch. 

Step 5 - Embroidery

If you choose to add an embroidery design once the bag is constructed, this is how you hoop

floating sleeping bag

Outline Embroidery

I have chosen to embroider different designs in different places so the choice is all yours. Keeping in mind the front flap that is folded down. 

Step 6 - Stitch Sides

The last step, is to simply fold the bag in half, and stitch through both layers to where you fold the flap back

Dolly Sleeping Bag 3

The easiest way to work out where to stop the stitching, is to pop your doll on top


For Larger Dolls, to make the opening easier to 'put Dolly to bed', you can add a couple of kam snaps to one side, as your closure

Doll Sleeping Bag with Kam Snaps


really large doll sleeping bag

The blue sleeping bag was made for a very large boy doll.

It was made by making a separate front and back piece (with curves top and bottom) with bias binding all the way around both edges.   I then incorporated a couple of Kam Snaps on the side so it could be opened a little. 

Use your imaginations ladies.  So many embroideries to choose from and different sizes. 

Happy Stitching. I am sure there will be smiles on little girls faces. 

Note from Heather - You;ve done it again Darina - another awesome gift idea - I can't wait to see all the photos!!


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