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Scallop Edge Quilt Collection 2
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You spoke, and we listened!  After the amazing response to our Scallop Edge Baby Quilt, we listened to your feedback, suggestions, and requests.  And now, the wait is over!

We are absolutely thrilled to unveil the Scallop Edge Quilt – Collection 2.

So, what makes this collection different?

We've included six new styles of background quilted blocks, each designed with less inner quilting. This means reduced thread consumption and a softer, more delicate finish.  Now, you have the freedom to select the perfect style that resonates with your recipient's taste and preferences.

6 styles of In the hoop blocks - 600 1008

The border blocks now feature line quilting only, complementing any style you choose for your quilt.  We've even included a rounder edge corner block, adding that extra touch of elegance to your masterpiece. 🌺


As requested, we've included two additional hoop sizes, 4x4 and 9x9, meaning you have five sizes of blocks to play with, catering to various project requirements and making your creative journey even more enjoyable.

Plain Scallop Edge Quilt sample stitched by Heather

I created this sample using 5x5 Blocks – style A, with our First Friends Design (4x4 size)



4x4 Hoop


5x5 Hoop

130X130 mm

6x6 Hoop

160x160 mm

8x8 Hoop

200x200 mm

9x9 Hoop



9.8 cm’s

12.8 cms

15.8 cms

19.8 cms




When stitched together, style A makes a fantastic secondary circle effect

secondary pattern seq2



Video Screen - 300

Kay created a very detailed step-by-step video for our original Scallop Edge Quilt, including how to stitch it all together.  The same techniques are used with this set.




Kelly shared her bright and beautiful Scallop Edge Quilt 2 with our First friends designs plus some from her own collection.
Her handy tip I'd like to share, is Kelly used the 5x5 Quilt Blocks together with the 6x6 Border pieces - this enabled her to add sashing between the blocks.
Scallop Edge Baby Quilt by Kelly - 600

Bridget combined the Little Dreamers design with our Scallop Edge Quilt 2 (4x4 size) to create this stunning quilt

Scallop edge Quilt 2 by Bridget - 600

Sandy combined the 9x9 size - style B blocks with her own embroidery design to make this stunning QuiltScallop Edge Quilt 2 by Sandya

Scallop quilt by Sandy

Janice used the block designs for this sweet quilt with designs from First Friends and Animal Friends

Scallop Edge Baby Quilt by Janice

DeeDee used our background blocks with her own Mushroom designs

Scallop edge Quilt 2 by DeeDee

Scallop Edge Quilt by Marie-Helene with Large Sunbonnet

Click on photo to see larger images of our Scallop Edge Quilt samples

Hoop Size Model Type Year


We use hoop size descriptions in line with usual industry terms.  If you are unsure if your hoop is big enough for a design, please check the size in mm, or click here for a list of common Embroidery Hoop Sizes

 4x4 inch - 100 x 100 mm 

5x7 inch - 130 x 180 mm 

6x10 inch - 160 x 260 mm 

8x8 inch  - 200 x 200 mm

8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm