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First Friends
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All you embroidery devotees will probably remember these cute designs from Clipartious, but we couldn't resist digitizing them ourselves.  This set was created especially to make a quilt for my best friends first grandchild.   We have also used the single designs on winter (yes its winter in New Zealand) sweatshirts for my little ones. 

All designs fit a 4 x 4 (100 x 100 mm) hoop. 

First Friends Applique Designs by Kreative Kiwi- 600

I used some of these designs on my Scallop Edge Quilt collection 2 Design set

Scallop Edge Quilt sample using first Friends


First Friends by Jeanne 10

First Friends by Grace 7

First Friends by Melanie

First Friends Quilt by Marie

First Friends Bibs by Henny

First Friends bag by Cathy

First Friends by Gisela

First friends Bibs by Michelle

Evelyn shared her beautiful embroidered fleece blanket

Embroidered Fleece Quilt


Alison used our designs on her cuddly Fleece Quilt

Fleece Animal Quilt

We Love Helen's Quilt

Applique Quilt

Judy created this beautiful Quilt with our First Friends and our Little Dreamers Set


Judy Applique Quilt

Heather shared her mini Quilts she has made - The clever idea here is, Heather sometimes finds it hard to cut applique fabrics, so stitched the designs without adding fabric.   For me, sometime choosing a fabric for the animals is quite hard, so this idea on a white background is perfect!! and looks very effective.  

Applique applique with no fabric - clever idea - Heather 1

First Friends by Grace

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