Floral Topper

Floral Topper
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Our Floral Topper has a 3D effect – perfect for showcasing a pretty plant, or candle 

The Eight Quick stitching Petals enables you to makes a Large Table Topper 

A 5x7 Hoop makes a 16 inch Table Topper 

Choose seasonal fabrics to make a topper for each season


5x7 Hoop

6X10 and

8x8 Hoop

8x10 Hoop

8X12 Hoop

16 by 16 inches

40 by 40 cms

22 by 22 inches

55 by 55 cms

23 by 23 inches

60 by 60 cms

24 by 24 inches

62 by 62 cms

In the hoop Floral Table Topper

Table Topper In the hoop

I can't wait to see your completed Toppers!

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Floral Table Topper


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