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arrow_circle_down How to make a Coaster Holder

How to make a Coaster Holder

Blog Post by:  Darina of Sew Nice by Darina

Our Amazing Darina has done it again, with her innovative way to make a stunning Coaster Holder

The instructions are so easy, only photos are needed

Designs used to create the Coaster Holder, are the:

5x5 Scallop Coaster (square) - 2 sides

5x7 Rectangle Scallop Coaster - 2 sides and bottom

Make the Coasters as per design instructions, with your favourite fabric, or add your own embroidery design.   

In addition to pellon/batting, Darina uses Parlane on her backing fabric.  If you do not have Parlane, you could use an iron-on interfacing, which is available at most 'sewing' shops

You can leave the 'bottom' Coaster simple, as it isn't on show.

Step One - Make Coasters

Step Two - Stitch Sides to bottom

Stitch sides to the bottom - starting and ending about 1/2 inch from each edge

Step Three - Join Sides

That's it!!

Add Coasters

Coaster Holders

Not just for Coasters!!  Find a fabric to suit your project - the possibilities are endless!

Pen Holder

 Free Coffee Design

 Darina re-sized our Coffee Design for a couple of her Coaster Holders

I've re-sized the design (and added a Tea version)



Joanne went a step further and added an extra coaster as a lid - you ladies are so creative
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Posted: Monday 9 July 2018

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