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arrow_circle_down Guide to In the hoop Notebook Sizing

Guide to In the hoop Notebook Sizing

Not sure of what Notebooks you can purchase to fit our In the hoop Notebooks?  I've put together this guide, which I hope will help.  


When I created my first multi-hoop In the hoop Crazy Patch Notebook about 5 years ago (so I had some 'home-made' Christmas gifts for my family), I had no idea how popular the In the hoop Notebook idea would be.

I live in New Zealand, and we have a fairly standard Notebook size - A5 or A6 - this Notebook size is readily available through-out New Zealand and Australia.  The main varient is the spine size.

Anyway, in my innocence, I sent the Notebook design off into the World.  Really simple - 2 sizes

  • A small Notebook made in a 5x7 hoop (called A6)
  • A larger Notebook made in a 6x10 hoop (called A5)

Fairly quickly, I realised that the United States has different 'standard' Notebook sizes - and just to make it more confusing, the 'standard' size (that will fit in our hoops) is a 5x7 inch Notebook (talk about creating confusion, as the 5x7 Notebook cannot be stitched in a 5x7 hoop)

Due to insane demand, I created a third Notebook size for my US customers and now in 2022, I have included a Composition Notebook size, and for those with Large hoops, one-hooping versions.  

Each In the hoop Notebook Cover design set now includes:

  • Fully Lined version
  • Optional Closing Tab
  • Four Notebook Sizes
  • One-hooping version for Larger hoops
  • Standardised Instructions

Revised files are updated in your Kreative Kiwi Account - If you have previously purchased any of these Notebook designs prior to October 2022, please Log into your account and re-download the file - the downloaded file will include the most up to date files


A5 or A6 notebook size

5x7 Inch US Notebook size

Composition Notebook size


New Zealand/Australia standard A5 A6 Notebook


US – 5x7 inch notebook

Purchase from Walmart



Composition Notebook

Readily available in US

SIZE A – A6 Notebook

  • Purchased Notebook measures 4.13 by 5.83 inches
  • Can be made in an 5x7 (130x180mm) Hoop – 3 hooping’s
  • 1 hooping version can be made in a hoop larger than 171 x 247 mm

You need to purchase a Notebook that measures approx 4 inches wide by 6 inches high

  • If you live in New Zealand/Australia - The standard A6 notebook measures 4.13 by 5.83 inches 
  • If you live in the United States, members of our Facebook Group have purchased 4X6 notebooks from Dollar Tree and Walmart

Bev - Dollar Tree 4x6

Bev purchased these small notebooks from Dollar Tree - "I get my (small) notebooks from Walmart. It's their notebook call Pen+Gear its 4x6 inches and is spiral bound. Have 80 sheets in them"

SIZE B – A5 Notebook

  • Purchased Notebook measures 5.83 by 8.27 inches
  • Can be made in an 6x10 (160x260mm) Hoop – 3 hooping’s
  • 1 hooping version can be made in a hoop larger than 238 x 348 mm

Readily available in New Zealand/Australia

SIZE C – US Sized Notebook

  • Purchased Notebook measures 5 by 7 inches
  • Can be made in an 6x10 (160x260mm) Hoop – 3 hooping’s
  • 1 hooping version can be made in a hoop larger than 214 x 327 mm

5x7 US Notebooks by Beverly

Beverly gets 5x7 inch notebooks from Walmart or Dollar Tree.

SIZE D – Composition Notebook

  • Purchased Notebook measures 7.48 by 9.84 inches
  • Can be made in an 7x11 (180x280mm) hoop – 3 hooping’s

MY TOP TIP - Make a 'test' cover based on the available hoop size you have, and take that with you to your local shop and find a Notebook that it fits 


If you have a 5X7 hoop:

You can make the small size A6 Notebook only - multi hooping version

If you have a 6x10 hoop:

You can make the size B - A6 Notebooks - multi hooping version

You can make the size C - 5x7 inch Notebooks - multi hooping version

If you have a 7x11 hoop:

You can make the size D - Composition Notebook - multi hooping version

You can make the size A - A6 Notebook - one hooping version

If you have a 9x14 hoop:

You can make the Size B - A5 Notebook - one-hooping

You can make the Size C - US 5x7 inch Notebook - one-hooping


Just to muddy the waters, within all these 'standard sizes', there are size variants - some notebooks are thinner or are spiral rather than bound, or even not true to the standard size (Refer this blog from Notebook Stories)

There can also be slight size variations when you make your cover - the thickness of batting you use, how much bulk you can remove from the seams (trim as close as possible) and the type of fabric.

The good news is, its not too hard to customise your completed Cover to fit almost any size variation - here are 2 tips below from our Kreative Kiwi Group.

In the hoop Notebook Cover before turning


If your finished Notebook is just slightly bigger than your purchased Notebook, (notebook is loose in the cover) you can turn it back to the wrong side as pictured, and use your sewing machine to stitch around inside the final stitch line to make the whole Notebook smaller.

TIP 2 

If you find Notebooks that are the right size, but the spine is too wide, once you have completed the 2nd hooping, and before you join the Front in the 3rd hooping, you can make the spine thinner by cutting the excess off the spine - just cut an equal amount along the stitched guideline ie you feel the spine is 1 inch too wide - cut 1 inch off the width of the Spine at the end of the 2nd hooping - before you make the join on the 3rd hooping.

Spine - In the hoop Notebook Cover

Can I re-size the actual Embroidery File?

For sure!!  If you are confident with embroidery software or re-sizing on your machine - just be mindful that you need to increase/decrease the 3 files by the exact same percentage  *you just can't then sell that design file as a 'new embroidery design*

We have had thousands of completed Notebook covers shared on our Facebook Group, so I know most of you are finding Notebooks that fit the design, but if you have purchased a Notebook Cover design, and cannot find a Notebook that fits adequately, then please email and I will arrange a refund for you.

You can view a few samples here



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