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arrow_circle_down How to make a Template to pre-cut your Batting

How to make a Template to pre-cut your Batting

Having trouble trimming back your Batting on our Coasters or Large Appliques? 

Sue shares a great tip on how she creates a plastic template, which enables you to pre-cut your Batting shape

Blog Post by:  Sue Hosack

Sue posted this info on our Kreative Kiwi Group, and we thought it was so valuable, we asked to share her info for everyone.

Using this technique enables you to pre-cut your Batting. 

This makes for easier and accurate cutting - particularly for a shape like our Free In the hoop Large Leaf Coaster

 You could use this method for many of our Coasters or Large Appliques

Sue writes:

I have been working on leaves to make a table runner. I reduced the smallest leaf to 4" and found it difficult to trim the batting and fabric so I decided to streamline the process. I have now made templates for the batting.

Hoop your Stabiliser and Stitch Color 1 - the design outline

Trace the outline onto template plastic to make a Template 

Batting Template - Step 1

Using your template, trace shape onto your Batting and carefully cut out your Batting piece

Cut on the inside of your outline

Batting Template - Step 2

Then I use my glue pen, run some glue over the stabilizer and place my batting

How to make a Batting Template - Step 3

How to make a Batting Template - Step 4

Then the stitching commences. When I go to trim now, there is minimal batting sticking out to trim.

So much easier for my hands to cut batting while it is out of the hoop. 

How to make a Batting Template - Step 5

How to make a Batting Template - Step 6

The final leaf is nice and clean even before cleaning the stabilizer off.

Batting Template - Step 6

Thanks so much for sharing Sue 

This is a great tip - it will also be useful to have a plastic template if you want to fussy cut fabric for a design

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