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arrow_circle_down How to make a Lined Library Bag

How to make a Lined Library Bag

Blog Post by Darina Foots

Large Zipped Library Bag

Completed Size 19”x15”

Will Accommodate Rather Large Books

Download & Print


  •  Half a metre of two different fabrics
  • One for outer and one for lining
  • Can also use four fat quarters
  • Parlan ironed onto outer fabrics
  • Zip, purchase larger than needed


Cut your panels to required size – this is cut at 2 x 20” wide and 16” high

Cut the same for your lining

Press parlan onto the back of your outer fabric

Mark the centre and embroider your chosen design



Preparing Your Zip:

Pull the zipper pull back from the edge and cut off the extension pieces as shown. Stitch a piece of binding across the two ends.



Then lay your zip on your fabric and trim the opposite end so your zip is a half inch shorter than your fabric on either end. This allows for your side seams when turned. Stitch binding to the other end.

Lay your zip face down on the top of your fabric and pin in place as shown.


 Lay your lining fabric face down on top and stitch all layers together with your zipper foot.



Lay out flat and remove the pins, pressing your fabric well away from the zip.

Then fold to have the zipper protruding above your fabrics.


Now lay your second outer panel down, right side facing up.

Lay your zip face down on the top edge and repeat the process of pinning and adding the lining. Stitch through all layers for the second time.


Open out and press with the zip in the centre and your fabric going out in the opposite direction. Once pressed you can top stitch down either side of the zip to hold your fabrics firm and away from the zipper teeth.


Now lay it out on the cutting mat and trim up all sides making sure both panels measure exactly the same in both directions.  Your lining could possibly have stretched when stitching the zip.


You are now going to pick up both outer panels and put face together to stitch the bottom seam.

Do the same with the lining.


Now flip one through so the internal bottom seams meet on both inside and outside panels.

This will leave you with a tube effect.



Now you will lay your work flat making sure all matches up well with no lumps or bumps!

Make a loop handle with a piece of binding made from either of your fabrics. Have it large enough to fit over a wrist for easy carrying.


This will be incorporated into one of your side seams.  I choose to do it from the end of where the zipper will first pull open.


Open your zipper a few inches for easier turning

Sew your two side seams from lining side


These are then neatened with your roller cutter and ruler then overlocked.

This is the finish you will see inside your bag.


The only thing left to do is trim off the bottom corners then turn you bag through.

 Darinas Book Bag

Darina used designs from our Reading Animals Set - 

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Thanks again Darina, I can see this pattern being adapted for many uses - I've already got ideas for Back-to-school Pencil Cases and Computer/Tablet cases. 

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