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arrow_circle_down Hints and Tips - Passwords

Hints and Tips - Passwords

We all share the frustration of trying to Log onto a Website, and you can't remember the password.

To  'make life easy', we have an Automatic LogIn System - Simply Click on an automatic link, and you go straight to your Kreative Kiwi Account - no need for a password,

This system works for 99% of our customers, who use the same 'device' to both read e-mails, and shop/view our designs,

If you prefer to Log into our website from multiple devices ie PC Phone or Tablet, then choosing your own password may work better for you,  Scroll down to the bottom of this page to view the paragraph under the title How to Add a Password to Your Account.

We have Automatic LogIn Links in many places:

  • Your first e-mail from Kreative Kiwi
  • Every Order
  • Every Newsletter
  • Every Password Reminder

In all cases, all you need to do, is to click on the link found in one of those 4 places to go straight to your Account


Copy of Order


You can click any product photo and it will automatically log you into the website, and your account


at the very bottom of every Newsletter you have the AutoLogIn Link which is highlighted in yellow below.

Newsletter Link

Password Reminder

Password Reminder

If you can't see the Blue Box, you may need to 'display images'

See this in action, with this quick 20 second video

 If the Automatic Login does not work for you, please  email and we will set a password for you

How to Add a Password to your Account

Initially, you need to log into your account from ONE Device using the Automatic Link, then CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD to a password you will remember. Once you click the CHANGE MY PASSWORD / USER DETAILS text like the highlighted example below, it will then open a new screen where you can insert the new password and then confirm it.   Once you choose this method, you'll need to log into your account using the LOG IN Button on the website which is at the top right side in the blue menu bar.

Welcome screen

Enter a password you will remember

Change User Profile

You will now be able to Log into your account on any device with your own personal password.  Using an Auto LogIn Link will re-set your password, so please only log in using the LogIn Button once you have chosen to add a password and not use the automatic login anymore.


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