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Ruby's Fairy Applique
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This whole design came about, because I need to make my little one Ruby a quilt for xmas (since I made JaimeGirl for Jaime).  Ruby is such a fairy, so I knew I needed something pink and very cute and ‘fairy’.  I found Sherri the Fairy www.sherribaldy.com and fell In Love.  I knew I needed to make this design.  Once I created it, I so loved it, and really wanted to share it.  So I’m very Thankful to Sherri, who has allowed me to license the design and share it with you all.

The design is too pretty for a quilt – Our huge Labrador sleeps on Ruby’s bed, so I made the Wall Hanging instead.  I know she will love it – She’s seen the smaller cushion and wants that, but I keep putting her off (It’s a work sample!) – only 3 months till Xmas!

Ruby’s Fairy is made in 5 hoopings – all easily joined in-the-hoop like a Jig-saw – No  Fuss!!

You can complete each part of the design by itself, so no rushing to get it all done in one day.

Finished Size

5x7 Hoop

30cm’s by 23cm’s

11 by 9 inch

6x10 and 8x8 Hoop

36cm’s by 28cm’s

14 by 11 inch

8x10 Hoop

45cm’s by 35cm’s

18 by 14 inch

The pictures are deceiving – the cushion uses the 5x7 fairy and measures 14 by 14inch – the wall hanging used the 8x10 fairy and completed measures approximately 26 inches square. (It’s Stunning!!)

I’ve added very simple instructions for each.

Can't wait to see Ruby's Face when she sees this on Xmas Day - Magic!!


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