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Large Applique Lamb
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Nothing says ‘Welcome to Spring’ better than a newborn lamb.  Introducing our latest addition to our large applique animal collection - Larry, the Lamb.

This design is created and joined completely in the hoop, making it a breeze to stitch out and achieve a professional finish.  With three size options available, you can choose the perfect fit for your desired project.

Whether you're a quilting enthusiast looking to enhance your farm quilts, or a creative soul wanting to personalize your tote bags (Larry adorns my black knitting bag) and cushions, our large applique lamb is the perfect choice.

Let your imagination run wild as you incorporate this beautiful design into your projects.

2 hooping Large Applique Lamb by Kreative Kiwi

Large Applique Lamb by Kreative Kiwi - 650


5x7 Hoop

130X180 mm

6x10 Hoop

160x260 mm

7x11 Hoop

180x280 mm

8.3 inch high

7.2 inch wide

11 inch high

9.7 inch wide

12.5 inch high

11 inch wide

21 cm high

18 cm wide

28 cm high

25 cm wide

32 cm high

27.5 cm wide


Large Lamb by Dawn

Large Lamb by Karen


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8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm