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Denim Darlings
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These 'denim darlings' have been a pleasure to digitise.  This set includes the 4 girls all sized for a 130mm by 180mm (5x7) hoop, with the additional stippling and applique frames for a larger hoop size - 200mm by 200mm (8x8).  The cat frame was so cute, I made a 5x7 size that you can add your own design to.

Included with the set, is instructions to make the very quick and very cute cushions - personalise them with a name, and they will be a great gift for a 'young lady'.  The stippled and applique frame designs are great for using on pre-made items - tote bags, towells etc - or get creative and make a lovely notebook cover.


How cute is this Tote Bag Cathy made using our Denim Darlings Design

View/download Cathy's detailed instructions (Thanks Cathy)

Denim Darlings Totebag

Nikki added her Darling to a Draw string Bag - very cute!!

Denim Darling by Nikki

How cute are these towel's Ruth shared

Beautiful Girls embroidery designs

Rosemary shared her beautiful Denim Darlings

Rosemary Denim Darlings

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8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm