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Butterfly Inspirations
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Another item off my 'to do' list.  I want to decorate my sewing room with beautiful inspirations.  This is my first wall hanging.  Hoop size required is 200mm by 200mm (8 by 8 inch).   I have added the inspirational words  Live, Love and Dream to the files.   The designs would be ideal for cushions = add a monogram to personalise, or for linens - pillow cases or placemats.  I used pastels as that was the colors I needed for the room, but think the designs would be stunning with bright colors on a black background.


Designs Files and with and without wording - Alternative wording as below 



Colleen, Cathy and Chris  created these awesome Wall Hangings in a Class

Butterfly Wall Hanging

Jodie was awarded an Instant Win for her beautiful tied Quilt

Tied Butterfly Quilt

Hoop Size Model Type Year

Robyn shared her Wall Canvas's - fantastic idea Robyn!

Robyns Butterfly Canvas

Pat shared her first canvas today - I'll update as the photos come in!! - Thanks Pat

Pat Butterfly Inspiration

Elizabeth shared her beautiful wall hanging

so bright and vibrant!!

Butterfly Wall hanging


We use hoop size descriptions in line with usual industry terms.  If you are unsure if your hoop is big enough for a design, please check the size in mm, or click here for a list of common Embroidery Hoop Sizes

 4x4 inch - 100 x 100 mm 

5x7 inch - 130 x 180 mm 

6x10 inch - 160 x 260 mm 

8x8 inch  - 200 x 200 mm

8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm