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Plant Sayings
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Plant Sayings by Cotton-I-Sew

This set is for my sister Kirsty who is "The Crazy Plant Lady"! She absolutely loves indoor plants and her house is full of them. My original idea was that she would have them as coasters/mug rugs throughout her home to complement her plants but Flo has expanded on that idea. Check out the photos below for some inspirational ideas. 

There are 24 files in the set.  The coasters come in 5X7 and the wording only in 4X4. I've also included 2 blank designs for you to use with those pretty designs that came with your machine. 

Plant Sayings Embroidery Designs by Cotton-I-Sew

ADDITION June 2022

Kim has added the following designs to this design set.

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WhatTheSucculant embroidery design by Cotton-I-Sew

Flo had a great idea of attaching one to an apron and another to a towel to be used as a gardening hand towel to wipe hands on. It's attached to the apron with a button making it easy to remove for washing but keeping it handy whilst in the garden. Brilliant idea!

Plant Sayings samples by Cotton I Sew

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Plant Sayings by Chris


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