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arrow_circle_down In the hoop Santa Heatpack

In the hoop Santa Heatpack
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SANTA HEAT PACKS by Faye's Threads

These two adorable Santas are ‘packing heat’ or they will be if you choose to fill them with wheat and heat in the microwave!  Alternatively, they can be stuffed with cushion filling to make ornaments.  You may even choose to leave them empty.

I put organic wheat and dried lavender flowers into my heat packs for a lovely aromatic, calming effect.

The designs have been tested with faux fur and a cotton flannel backing.  DO NOT USE ANY FLAMMABLE FABRIC OR FABRIC THAT WILL MELT FOR THE HEAT PACK OPTION. You will need to do a small amount of hand sewing to close the design.

Sizes:  For hoop sizes 5x7”, 6x10”, and 8x12”


  • Medium weight Tear Away stabiliser
  • Fabric pieces in Santa colours.  You can use your scrap pieces for these designs.
  • Backing fabric
  • Stuffing material (Organic wheat or Hobby/Polyfill the choice is yours)

 In the hoop Santa Heatpack by Fayes Threads-600

In the hoop Santa Heatpack Moustache

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DISCLAIMER:  No responsibility or liability will be accepted in any way for the heating or use of the heat packs.  Under no circumstances will any responsibility or liability be taken in any way for any claims, damages, losses, expenses, costs, or liabilities whatsoever resulting or arising directly or indirectly from the use of the heat packs.

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We use hoop size descriptions in line with usual industry terms.  If you are unsure if your hoop is big enough for a design, please check the size in mm, or click here for a list of common Embroidery Hoop Sizes

 4x4 inch - 100 x 100 mm 

5x7 inch - 130 x 180 mm 

6x10 inch - 160 x 260 mm 

8x8 inch  - 200 x 200 mm

8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm