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arrow_circle_down In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar

In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar
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[{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692910,"style":"DST","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"},{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692911,"style":"EXP","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"},{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692912,"style":"HUS","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"},{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692913,"style":"JEF","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"},{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692914,"style":"PES","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"},{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692915,"style":"VIP","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"},{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692916,"style":"VP3","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"},{"colour":"","size":"","price":10,"pid":2692917,"style":"XXX","disabled":false,"imgsrc":"/images/102656/pid2692902/Door_Tag_and_Countdown_Calendar_by_Kays_Cutz_-_450.jpg","title":"In the hoop Santa Door Hanger & Countdown Calendar"}]


For a 5x7 hoop for children and adults alike.
There are 6 different tags and a countdown calendar, each made in a single hooping.
  • - A non personalized tag for a child, This one is ideal for a stall too.
  • - A non personalized tag for children sharing a room, again ideal to sell on a stall.
  • - A tag to personalize with a name using your embroidery machines built in fonts.
  • - A tag with chalk vinyl so that a child can write their own name on it.
  • - A tag for a Lady
  • - A tag for a Fella
A chalkboard countdown calendar.
  • A fun quick to stitch door tag for children and adults, and a chalk on countdown calendar, to count away the number of days until Santa visits.
  • Stitched in a 5”x 7” or 130 x 180 mm hoop. Each tag or calendar is made in one hooping.
  • You can customise the blank tag by adding a child’s name with fonts built into your embroidery machine or there is a version for you to add chalk board vinyl so that a child can write their own name on it.
  • This would be a great design to introduce a child to the wonderful world of machine embroidery, they all love pressing the big green button.

Santa Door Tag and Countdown Calendar by Kays Cutz - 600


There is a stitch along video for this design showing you how to make the chalkboard vinyl tag and another one to showing you how you can add a name to personalize something, if you have never done this before. 

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