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In the hoop Pencil Case
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Darina had an order for Pencil Cases and asked me to digitise this style In the hoop for her.  I am not sure why I have not created this before, it is such a versatile bag – not just for pencil cases, although the zip in the centre stops anything spilling out the top, so is perfect for little ones.

Ever  wonder what to do with the pretty licensed fabric you buy?  These In the hoop Pencil Cases are perfect!!

In the hoop Pencil Case for 5x7 and 6x10 hoops by Kreative Kiwi -by Darina

I’ve created the design in two sizes, with 4 different Quilting Styles

  • 6x10 hoop -  finished size just under 6x10 inches
  • 5x7 hoop - finished size just under 5x7 inches

This design set includes 4 different styles of Quilting, and you can choose to have a plain back (case made completely in one hooping), or make a quilted back first (case made in two hooping’s)

Quilting styles - In the hoop Pencil Case

 A huge Thank you goes to Darina who inspired this design and has created so many samples




Ideas for using the In the hoop Pencil Case

Lee stitched our In the hoop Pencil Case and free 4x4 Bag for her Daughters Basketball Team

Lee writes:

I put their player number on the small coin purses for their jewellery or money & the pencil cases for other bits & bobs for inside their rep bags. Embroidered them in the colours of their team. They were given them last night along with a few other things which my daughter organised for them & they all loved them. Thank you Kreative Kiwi for such amazing designs.

In the hoop Pencil Case by Lee

In the hoop pencil case by Martina 8

In the hoop pencil case by Allison

In the hoop pencil case by Theresa 2

In the hoop pencil case by Darina 12102023

In the hoop pencil case by Karen 2

In the hoop pencil case by Patricia

In the hoop pencil case by Virginia



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