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arrow_circle_down In the hoop Celtic Table Runner

In the hoop Celtic Table Runner
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This unique completely reversable Celtic Table Runner is created and joined in four quick hooping’s – no additional sewing needed

You can make the Runner longer by repeating Part 3 as many times as you like

This set includes two versions:

  • Design with Contrast fabric in the ‘holes’
  • Design with the holes completely cut out

2 versions of Celtic In the hoop Table runner by Kreative Kiwi 800 b

The runner is completely reversable

Front and Back of reversable In the hoop Celtic Table Runner

4 hooping In the hoop Celtic Table runner


5x7 Hoop

130X180 mm

6x10 Hoop

160x260 mm

8x12 Hoop



9X14 Hoop



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17.5 inch wide

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55 cm wide

25 cm high

63 cm wide


Watch Kay stitch the Runner


Again the Admin Team absolutely amaze me - I sent the files yesterday, and this mornng, they had all made these beautiful runners.   I am so blessed to have met such a talented bunch of Ladies!!

in the hoop Celtic Knot table runner stitched by Sandy 1

in the hoop Celtic Knot table runner stitched by Darina 1

in the hoop Celtic Knot table runner stitched by Bev 3

in the hoop Celtic Knot table runner stitched by Darina 5

Kays Celtic Table Runner-600

celtic table runner by Claudia 2

Talk about turning something ordinary into extraordinary! 🌿💫
Sharon up-cycled a linen table cloth from her local discount store, to make this incredible 2 metre long Runner for her table repeating the inner sections, as the instructions suggest.
Very inspiring Sharon 👏✨
Long Celtic Runner by Sharon 120224 a


I LOVE this idea of Jeanne's - made the celtic runner into a racetrack!!

Celtic Runner race track by Jeanne

Marjorie made matching Coasters with our Celtic Outline design set

Celtic table runner by Marjorie - 600 a

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8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm