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Can Cosies
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ITH CAN COSIES by Faye - Faye's Threads

Christmas stocking filler, a personalised birthday gift, party favours, unique designs? A plethora of situations and events to use this design.

The Can Cosies are designed to be made in a 6x10” hoop (or larger).  They are made almost entirely in the hoop with only a small amount of hand sewing to close the final seam.  The design is made to fit the standard 375ml beverage can with 211mm or 8.3” circumference.

Finished Size:  3.75 x 9.5”

**Please note, there is a typo in the cutting size on the directions - cut batting/neoprene to 3.5 inch (we'll update instructions asap)

Included in the designs are the following options -

  • 6 designs with words
  • Blank design for you to add your own personal touch

 Fabric Choice:  I trialled these using both cotton and denim.  Denim was slightly thicker, but the result was great.  The design is NOT suitable for stretch fabric or vinyl. I did try vinyl but was not happy with the results.

Batting:  I tested several types and combinations of batting and concluded that the best two are -

  • Neoprene
  • One layer of Legacy L-FF78F1 Flex Foam Stabilizer and  one layer of InsulBrite.  I placed the InsulBrite closest to the can for insulation and moisture proofing.

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-1

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-2

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-3

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-4

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-5

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-6

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-7

Can Cosies by Fayes Threads-8


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We use hoop size descriptions in line with usual industry terms.  If you are unsure if your hoop is big enough for a design, please check the size in mm, or click here for a list of common Embroidery Hoop Sizes

 4x4 inch - 100 x 100 mm 

5x7 inch - 130 x 180 mm 

6x10 inch - 160 x 260 mm 

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8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm