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arrow_circle_down In the hoop Bath Mitt or Loofah

In the hoop Bath Mitt or Loofah
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In the hoop Bath Mitt by Cotton I Sew

Here is a versatile design that can be used as a simple bath mitt or add a couple of layers of tulle and you have a loofah. 
They come in two sizes. Approximate finished sizes are
6X10 = 6X9 inch
5X7 = 5X7 inch
There are 8 designs including a blank one that you can add your own embroidery to.
  • Blank
  • Bubbles
  • Fish
  • Flower
  • Hearts
  • Seahorse
  • Shark 
 In the hoop Shark Bath Mitt - 600


My granddaughters love the... Baby shark, do do do do... LOL

Bath Mitt Samples by Kim and Flo 
In the hoop Bath Mitt Loofah samples

Norma was awarded an Instant Win for her first post showing how she combined her own cupcake design with Kim's Blank In the hoop Bath Mitt
Bath Mitt by Norma

Hoop Size Model Type Year


We use hoop size descriptions in line with usual industry terms.  If you are unsure if your hoop is big enough for a design, please check the size in mm, or click here for a list of common Embroidery Hoop Sizes

 4x4 inch - 100 x 100 mm 

5x7 inch - 130 x 180 mm 

6x10 inch - 160 x 260 mm 

8x8 inch  - 200 x 200 mm

8x10 inch - 200 x 260 mm