Simply Circles Placemat

Simply Circles Placemat
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A quick and easy Placemat to showcase your favourite Fabric - 5X7 6X10 8X8 and 8X10 Hoop 

Our Simply Circles Placemat is made in multiple hooping’s - joined easily in-the-hoop like a Jig-saw.

The Design is completely reversable, and you can choose between two Fabrics, or make each segment different.  The centre Quilting, is stippled.  You can add an embroidery design of your choice, or Fussy Cut a favourite piece of Fabric.

Finished Size

          • 5X7 Hoop                                              29cm by 29cm – 11.5 inch square
          • 6X10 Hoop                                            41cm by 41cm – 16  inch square
          • 8X8 Hoop                                              37cm by 37cm – 14.5 inch square
          • 8X10 Hoop                                            44cm by 44cm – 17 inch square

In the hoop circle placemat

In the hoop silver circle placemat

I think we need to give our very own Admin Toni the Simply Circle Creative Crown - here is a few placemats she has made (in 5 days)

In the hoop Circle Placemat

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