Sherri's Birthstone Besties

Sherri's Birthstone Besties
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 It has been a pleasure digitising, then stitching Sherri’s Birthstone Bestie Designs.  I hope you enjoy them too.

I used my samples to create a Wall Hanging.

But you don't need to be limited to using all 

the designs for a Quilt/Wall-Hanging.

Choose your favourite Fairy, add your own

message, and create a Cushion as we have.

We created the Designs with a combination of Fill and Open stitches for Mylar - it adds a beautiful dimension to the Fairy’s.  

If you choose not to use Mylar in your stitch-out, please be mindful, that the base, wings and dresses have open/pretty stitches, so choose your background fabric accordingly.

The filled designs would not be suitable for T-Shirts/Towels/Minky. 

The Design File includes:

The 12 Birthstone Besties 

  • 5X7 Hoop - Filled and Redwork
  • 6x10 Hoop - 6X8 In-the-hoop Attic Window Block - Filled and Redwork
  • 8x8 Hoop - 8X8 In-the-hoop Attic Window Block - Filled and Redwork
  •              - 8X8 Stippled Block - Filled and Redwork
  • Full Photo Instruction to construct the In-the-hoop Attic Window Blocks
  • Instructions to make the Wall Hanging and Cushion as pictured



Filled Design and Redwork Fairy Design


6x10 HOOP

Filled & Redwork Design with 6x8 Attic Window Block ITH



8x8 HOOP

Filled & Redwork Design with 8x8 Attic Window Block ITH


PLUS Fairy Design with 8X8 Stippling (used for Cushion

Christy created this very cute Cushion for her 4 year old Niece


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