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Large Fairy Treehouse (Plus ITH Fairy Bags)

Large Fairy Treehouse (Plus ITH Fairy Bags)
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This stunning Fairy Treehouse is made completely In-the-hoop.  You make 6 segments, which are joined together as your embroider – just like a jig-saw – no nasty aligning.

I made the large 8x10 size, but the smaller sizes would be perfect not only for Wall Hangings, but also to add to a cushion for a truly one-of-a-kind gift for a little girl.

Finished Size

8X10 hoop (200X260mm) 6X10 or 8x8 hoop (160X260mm) 5X7 hoop (130X180mm)

14 by 19 inches (36 by 48 cm)

11.5 by 15 inches (30 by 38cm) 10 by 12.5 inches (25 by 32 cm)

While I was stitching the design, I thought the fairy’s would be so cute on a bag, so I have also included instructions and files for in-the-hoop bags (7 designs) for the 5x7 Hoop

 Plus I have included the individual fairy designs (7 designs) for the 4x4 Hoop



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