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arrow_circle_down I've download and unzipped your designs, but there is nothing showing on my machine, or I can see some designs but not all of them

Generally, this is related to hoop size.  Some machines will not 'see' a design if you do not have the correct hoop size chosen in your software, or do not have a big enough hoop.

The first thing to check is do you have the hoop size needed - if you have a 5x7 hoop, you will not be able to see designs for 6x10 or 8x8 hoops.  All our products will state the hoop size you need.

Click here to read our info on hoop sizes

If you do have the required hoop, but still can't 'see' the designs, please check if there is a setting in your software where you can change your hoop size to the bigger hoop.  

Another option may be that you need to rotate the design to fit in your hoop.

Janome Machines - I've unzipped my design files, and can see them on my Computer, but when I put the USB onto my machine nothing is there

First of all, please check that you do have the correct JEF format

Click here to see more info on Machine formats

Secondly, you need to format your USB.   

For my Janome, that meant putting my new USB into my Embroidery Machine, and the Machine automatically created a folder on the USB called EMB, plus a sub folder within that Folder called Embf.

You will get a message on your machine not to remove the stick or turn the power off while it is completing this process.

Thirdly, transfer your unzipped Embroidery Design into the Embf folder

When you put your USB in your Computer, you will see the EMB Folder (If you don’t, then format your USB again)

Your unzipped Design needs to be transferred into the Embf folder inside the EMB Folder.

I found I can only put 1 Design at a time into this folder

If you still have an issue, then please e-mail and let us know the Design Name, the hoop size you are using AND the type of Embroidery Machine you have.