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Trouble Shooting Stitch Out Queries


One of our lovely Admins had an issue where her design would suddenly start stitching in the wrong place - a bit like you get if your hoop gets stopped or knocked.  We tried everything we could think of to work out why this could happen - the same design worked perfectly on other machines, so we knew it wasn't the design.   In the end, Darina was on the MB4 Group, and a Guru suggested using DST format - We tried that and it worked.  So if you have an MB4 and your stitching suddenly goes funny, e-mail us to get the DST format.

My Machine isn't stitching the same as your Instructions?

I'm not perfect, so it could be an error in the instructions, in which case please e-mail me.  But we are seeing instances where designs are being loaded thru Embroidery Software, and it is joining colors or automatically color sorting, which affects how our designs stitch out. 

ie Our instructions show 15 colors, but once the design is opened in your software, it is only showing 13 colors.  This will effect how your design stitches out.

You could check your embroidery software and make sure you don't have 'join similar colors' ticked.  Or, please load our designs direct from your Computer to your machine  by-passing the software.

Why do my colors look different from your picture?

Each model of Machine will read our design file and show different colors than we programmed.  For this reason, we provide a set of written instructions with your design file.

ie - We may show White on our design file, but when you see it on your machine it is showing a light blue or green.   To avoid this, please follow the colors on our written instruction, rather than your machine.

None of our designs require you to use a specific brand or color - please use colors of your choice.

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