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arrow_circle_down How To: Make a Reading Pillow

How To:  Make a Reading Pillow


Reading Pillow Instructions

Darina Style


  • Overlocker/Serger
  • Parlan/Iron on Vilene

General Information

I have a 2” rule when making pillows of any description.

Cut your fabric 2” larger than your finished pillow

The zip will be 2” shorter

For the piggy cushion I have made it an 18” finish to allow room for our cute appliques and wording. So cut at 20” and zip is 16”.

I have stitched out the pig in the 5x7 size to keep it small enough for the cushion.

Step 1

Cut two squares of your fabric at 20” and overlock or zig zag stitch around all sides.


Step 2

To insert zip, stitch the short distance on either side, stopping about half inch in from the edge. This is on the bottom seam of your pillow, important if you have a one way design fabric. Press open.

Turn over to the right side and just using two pins, pin at the top of your zip.

We are keeping the stitching central so as to keep the zipper pull tucked away when finished.


Stitch down left side keeping the edge of the fabric lined up with the centre of the zip. Then start stitching at the top again, doing the little section across the top, then pivot and go down right side, finishing across the bottom edge. Zip is done! Press lightly and leave aside until we are ready to attach the pocket.


Step 3

Cut your matching fabric for the pocket at the same width as your cushion and 12” high. This will allow for a little trimming and the seams top and bottom. You can use the same fabric for the lining or just a matching homespun.

Press your parlan or similar on the back to give a nice embroidery surface.

Hoop with medium tearaway. Embroider your wording or any other cute ones you might like to add. Remember to mark your position of your pig (or alternative) to keep it all nicely lined up. Do not attach your pig until you have finished your embroidery. Lovely to embroider a name if required.

Then we are going to stitch on your pig. I chose a matching thread, or you could use an invisible thread to stitch her in place. I have gone right around the face but then just done the outer edges.

The front of your pocket is now complete.

Step 4

The next step has a couple of options.  I have trimmed it back and used a matching binding top and bottom with the pocket lining sitting behind with wrong sides together. The other option is to put the right sides together and stitch across the top and bottom and pulling it through like a sleeve. Then top stitch across the top, leaving the bottom one to do when attaching to the pillow.

Step 5

Your pocket is now ready to attach to your pillow.

Place and pin it on your front panel just above the zip.

Top stitch the bottom of your pocket.

Pinning the rest to incorporate in your side seams.


Step 6

Open your zipper a couple of inches to make for easy turning.

Bring the bottom of your cover up and over and pin in place.

Stitch the remaining three sides. Trim your corners.

Turn, press and you are done!!!

Note From Heather 

We are so lucky to have Darina share her Sewing Talent with us!   You can view more of Darina's beautiful projects on the Kreative Kiwi Group AND Darina's very own Page - Sew nice by Darina


Click link below to View and Download Tutorial

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