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Downloading Designs

How do I download my Designs?

Click on the download link on your e-mail or Log into your Account, and choose Download Previous Purchases

Download Previous Purchases

Read our Hints and Tips on Downloading and Saving Designs

I'm having trouble unzipping your designs my Computer says I need to install Winzip

With most Computers, you do not need to install a special unzipping programme

Right click on the zipped file and choose Open with Windows Explorer

Extract with Windows Explorer

When I try to open my designs, my Computer says I need Acrobat Reader?

You will see this, if you do not have Embroidery Software.  

Unless you have Embroidery Software on your computer, your Computer can't read embroidery files, so it offers Acrobat Reader as a default.

You dont need to open your embroidery files on the Computer - you can copy the files to your Machine, which can read embroidery files

Windows 10

If you do have embroidery software, there has been an issue with the Windows 10 Upgrade.  The upgrade affected default settings. 

The first time you try to open your embroidery files, you may need to change your file associations.  

Find the PES File (may be showing as a PDF)

Right click on the file and choose Open with

Choose your Embroidery Software

Choose Application

I've ordered the wrong format, what can I do?

*NEW*  Log into your account, and choose Download Previous Purchases Tab

Click on 'OTHER FORMATS' and choose you correct format

Choose other format

Choose required format

(If there is no button offering Other formats, then the design included all formats in the one file

I've got a new Embroidery Machine, how can I get my current designs in the new format?

See above

I've downloaded your designs but there are no instructions

We include written instructions (PDF) with all our designs, except one color Redwork Designs.

Sometimes it is easier to view your Design files in Windows Explorer - make sure filter is *All files, not just embroidery files.

Instructions included

I've download and unzipped your designs, but there is nothing showing on my machine, or I can see some designs but not all of them.

Generally this is related to hoop size.  Some machines will not 'see' a design if you do not have that hoop size chosen in your software, or do not have a big enough hoop.

The first thing to check is do you have the hoop size needed - if you have a 5x7 hoop, you will not be able to see designs for 6x10 or 8x8 hoops.  All our products will state the hoop size you need.

Click here to read our info on hoop sizes

If you do have the required hoop, but still can't 'see' the designs, please check if there is a setting in your software where you can change your hoop size to the bigger hoop.  

Another option may be that you need to rotate the design to fit in your hoop.

Janome Machines - I've unzipped my design files, and can see them on my Computer, but when I put the USB onto my machine nothing is there

First of all, please check that you do have the correct JEF format

Click here to see more info on Machine formats

Secondly, you need to format your USB.   Put your USB into your computer

Right click on format - choose FAT and/or Quick Format

Format USB 1 FormatUSB2

Thirdly, you need to put your formatted USB into your sewing machine, so it can add the correct folders

Choose the new folder icon which will look similar to this


Now when you put your USB back into your Computer, you will see the EMB Folder

Put your chosen design into the EMB Folder

In the example below, even though you have the design on the USB, it will not show on your machine - you need to move your design into the EMB Folder, then your machine will see the embroidery file


Can I download designs to my I Pad?

Click here to read our Downloading to I-Pad Blog

I've ordered the same design twice, what can I do?

Choose an alternative design, and e-mail heather@kreativekiwiembroidery.co.nz  with the name of the Design set you would like instead.

My computer has crashed, can I get a copy of all my purchases?

You sure can - Log into your Account, and choose Download Previous Purchases

Download Previous Purchases

I placed an order, but I haven't received my Downloads?

If you are a member, or have purchased our designs before, you can Log into your account and download direct from the website - Download Previous Purchases

Or, Did you receive any e-mails?  - see Table below

 Kreative Kiwi Order  Kreative Kiwi Download Link e-mail  Paypal Receipt  

 Payment not processed

Check with Paypal

 NO  NO  YES  Looks like Kreative Kiwi e-mails being blocked - check your spam folder - Log into your Account and Download from your Account

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