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 I was so ready to give up embroidery then I found your sight.  I fell in love with all your designs.  Things to make that I never would have even tried because most instructions from other places are not clear enough for someone like me to understand.  The instructions on each of your designs makes it possible to each and every one of them and know they will come out beautiful.  Then if I still have a question you answer the question every time.  In the past I have asked questions from other places and never get an answer, so I get stuck and can't finish a project.  This has never happened with you.  Heather you are so considerate and never make me feel bad for asking any type of question.  What is common knowledge for some people is not for others like me.  Thank you for all the wonderful designs, the detailed instructions with pictures for easy understanding and for making all of the people you come in contact with feel so very special.  I feel so lucky to have found such a talented beautiful person as you to make every day an adventure.  Thank you  

Angel Hugs Sandy

Hello, my name is Connie and I purchased some of your designs. I just finished the Koru Coaster/Mug Rug ITH and wanted you to know it is absolutely the best. It stitched out beautifully. Keep up the good work. I will definitely be buying more of your designs. Thanks so much for having your tremendous sale. Wish I would have purchased more 

Connie Nugen

I love your designs. I can always count on the quality of them to the point that I don't feel that I need to do a sew out first unless I have a fabric concern. I have so many of your designs that I have found it hard to pick a free one!!
I send your site to my embroidery friends.
Kreative Kiwi is my "Go To" site for me when I want to do a project.
Thanks and keep on designing!!

Daryl Riddle

Over the past few years, I have completed many of your projects.  They always turn out great because your designs are well digitized and your instructions are right on!  You also offer great prices which so many others do not.  Thanks for a super site.  

Karen Hart

Really glad I found your site - have enjoyed making the ITH placement that is pieced together (easier to do than I thought when I first read through the instructions), the tissue holder, the animal pencil cases (enjoyed by my granddaughter & some friends) - will be trying the swirly placemat in the coming weeks - it is curious that we who embroider, regardless of our Country - mine is Canada - can find creative designers like you who have a global appeal

Kerry Alldritt Canada

You know I love all of your deigns.  Have really had several people go crazy over the Owl and the fairy house.  The large rose was a gift for a friend in the Hospital with Twins (a pink & a blue one).  The Large Eagle is displayed in a restaurant and a Dr. office.  The 9 Dragon......well the day I finished it our Daughter in Law snatched it up and took it to Lubbock, Tx.   Pleae keep up the GOOD WORK.

Firstly I would like to say how reliable your designs are. They always stitch out beautifully. I love the crazy patch designs. I also particularly like all the innovative " join in the hoop" designs which allow me to create larger designs easily. Having just bought a Brother VR machine with the largest hoop size being an 8" x 8" hoop, it would be helpful for me to know the actual design size for each hooping to know whether the larger sizes would fit my less common hoop size.  

Rosalind Smith

We're onto it now Rosalind - All sets from now, will have a Detailed Stitch Size and Stitch Count included.  Feb17

I have made a few of the in the hoop designs and have found them to be easy to do, with very good instructions and I have to say they are really nice when stitched up. I will definitely be doing lots more .keep up the lovely work.


I have about twenty to 25 of your designs and am very pleased with how well they all turn out. the print out instructions are clear and the large applique flowers all turn out beautiful. my gifts to others have been very well received. wish I was as cleaver as you. you have done many of my favorite flowers and I am going to do your Santa for next xmas, The jungle quilt is darling, Ive done the panda for wall hangings,the monkey and the giraffe. Keep up the good work


Fantastic site, designs always stitch out perfectly. ITH designs go together perfectly, as do the large applique designs. All at reasonable prices with easy, friendly service. In other words 5 stars all round

😊 Robyn 

Your work is Stunning and so far, everything I have bought from your store has stitched out perfectly with precise and clear instructions. Thank you for a hassle free web site.

Cheers Joanne

I love your site, the designs are good, instructions are comprehensive and easy to follow.  The prices are excellent and good value.  


Kreative Kiwi is a fabulous place to purchase machine embroidery designs. There are plenty of generous free designs and all the paid designs are extremely  reasonably priced. I really love this website and visit often because when I buy designs I also get bonus points.


I have downloaded and used several of your free designs (thank you).  I have also bought from you.  I love the way your designs stitch out and have passed on your web site to several people knowing that whatever they choose will be successful.  I have great admiration to people who can digitise designs and after owning an embroidery machine for several years I still sit spellbound watching as the needle flashes about bringing your design to life.

Laura Stevens

I Love your designs and the fact that you are so personable and helpful.  I purchased one design that had a flaw and, once you were notified, it was fixed immediately.  I appreciate you.  I think tutorials are wonderful and the more the better, even for the seasoned embroiderer.  Thanks!  

Debbie (grandsieg)

Every design I've purchased over the years has stitched out beautifully.  My very first purchase was the ballerina pack.  I started stitching the first one out, and was mesmerized as the magic of the design appeared in wonderful detail.  That first experience made Kreative Kiwi my go-to site for special designs.  Heather has been very quick to answer any questions or solve any problems I've had.  (Those problems were of my own making, nothing to do with the designs!)    


Designs stitch out very well. I especially like the "large" designs which allow me to make bigger projects while only using a 5 × 7 hoop. Keep up the good work! Your efforts are appreciated.

Janet Cirigliano

 I love all your designs.  I have purchased a lot of your designs and they always stitch out nicely without any hitches and the instructions are great.  Thanks for doing a fantastic job of digitizing.  

Cherry B. in Texas, USA

With my embroidery machine I am limited to 5X7 designs and I am totally in love with your large appliques because it gives me the opportunity to make something bigger.  I have a granddaughter and she loves every single thing that I make from your designs. Thank you so much for this.

Yolande - SA

 Many thanks for the great designs, and all the freebies, every design I have purchased from you has  stitched out beautifully. The crazy patch bags designs are amazing. I found your site by chance, but I'm so pleased I did, keep up the good work.  

Joan, England

I really like your designs, the stitch quality is excellent, and your prices are so very affordable. You are a most generous designer, so many freebies, I thank you.


 I love your designs! I am particularly fond of the Redwork. I have several of those sets that work wonderfully when I am quilting. I use them to quilt in between the squares I have embroidered. If you set up a Facebook group I will gladly send photos of projects that include your designs! Honestly, if you changed nothing on your site I would still look forward to purchasing new designs from you! Thank you for having just the right designs to fit my needs! 

Kathy, aka: katwoman

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