Spider Placemat

Spider Placemat
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Our unique Spider Placemat is made in multiple hooping’s - joined easily in-the-hoop like a Jig-saw.  The Coaster is created in One Hooping.

We have included instructions to ‘stuff’ the spider to give a 3D effect

Whereas the Coaster is completely reversable, the multi-hooping Placemat is not - you can stitch the completed design to a piece of felt and cut away the excess if you need the Placemat to be completely reversable.   The Placemat would look great attached to a tote Bag as a Halloween Goodie Bag or stitched to a cushion!

Finished Size Coaster

        • 5X5 Hoop                                              12.8cm by 12.8cm - Just under 5 inch
        • 6X6 Hoop                                              15.8cm by 15.8cm - Just under 6 inch
        • 8X8 Hoop                                              19.8cm by 19.8cm - Just under 8 inch

Finished Size Placemat

        • 5X7 Hoop                                              24cm by 24cm – 9.5 inch
        • 8X8 Hoop                                              28cm by 28 cm – 11 inch
        • 6X10 Hoop                                            32cm by 32cm – 12.5 inch
        • 8X10 Hoop                                            36cm by 36cm – 14 inch 
 In the hoop spiderweb placemat  In the hoop spider coaster

Spiderweb Placemat

This placemat goes perfect with my 'reap what you sew' machine

The design has been on sale for 3 days and we already have photos coming thru from our Kreative Group

The Coasters go well with our Free Halloween Coaster

In the hoop Spider Placemat

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