Large Celtic Topper/Coaster

Large Celtic Topper/Coaster
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This set will be a must for Celtic Lovers.  (It’s Blokey enough for the Man of the House)  You can create a variety of different sized Celtic Coasters/Toppers with either an Applique or Cutwork Option for the Large Toppers.  (The Toppers are all created and joined completely in-the-hoop, so no nasty aligning issues)  

You don’t need to be limited by just creating Coasters, once completed, you can add the designs to Cushions, Bags or Quilts.

5X7 Hoop

Finished Size cm’s

Finished Size inches

One Hooping Coaster

12.8 by 14.8 cm’s

5 by 5.4inches

Six Panel Topper

30 by 34 cm’s

11.7 by 13.4 inches




6X10 Hoop



One Hooping Coaster

15.7 by 18 cm’s

6.1 by 7.1 inches

Three Panel Topper

30 by 34 cm’s

11.7 by 13.4 inches

Six Panel Topper

37.3 by 43 cm’s

14.7 by 16.8 inches

We LOVE Sue's kreativity - isn't her table runner amazing!

Celtic Table Runner

Liz used the design in this beautiful ring pillow

Celtic Ring Pillow

How elegant are these Coasters stitched by Rosalind

In the hoop Celtic Coaster

Celtic Cushion


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