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In-the-hoop Lined Zipper Bag (4 sizes)

In-the-hoop Lined Zipper Bag (4 sizes)
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This has to be my most requested set.   A 'brother' set to my ITH Make Up Bag

What you asked for:  

  • An In-the-hoop Bag with separate Lining Front and Back
  • A 'plain' In-the-hoop bag that you can add your own designs too
  • An In-the-hoop Bag that you can use special/licensed fabric
  • An In-the-hoop Bag that could be used for boys/men (more masculine alphabet)

This set does ALL that, and comes in Four Sizes  5x7 6x8 6x10 and 8x10

Includes Full Photo Instructions, which show two methods of attaching your Lining.

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