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  • Our fantastic Kreative Kiwi Group have shared Worldwide Links showing where they purchase their Batting
    Posted: 23/12/2020
  • I often get asked about my scissor stabilizer and thread nets so I thought I would make a short info video and tell you a little about the ones I use and why I like them.
    Posted: 30/7/2019
  • Many of our Large Appliques are quite stitch intensive, so it's important not only to use the correct Stabiliser, but to also minimise any stabiliser movement within the hoop. Watch Kay's video showing how you can add tape to your hoop, to minimise any chance of your stabiliser moving while you are stitching your design.
    Posted: 27/6/2019
  • Feeling confused about Stabilisers? Take a minute to watch Sue from OML Embroidery discuss the different type of Stabilisers available
    Posted: 24/6/2019
  • We've all had it happen - we get to the end of the design and 'something' is off - read this to learn how we fixed this issue
    Posted: 21/6/2019
  • Our fantastic Kreative Kiwi Group have shared Worldwide Links showing where they purchase their Water Soluble Stabiliser
    Posted: 7/2/2019
  • Thank you so much to Lorraine Platten for sharing her clever ways of minimising waste and re-using Water Soluble Stabiliser
    Posted: 11/7/2017
  • READ THIS FIRST - We have compiled all our hints and tips on Large Appliques
    Posted: 25/5/2017

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