As we are based in New Zealand, for most of you, we cannot offer internet banking, so we do use the secure services of Paypal.  You can pay with your Credit Card without a Paypal Account - it is the 2nd option on the Paypal screen

We have had a couple of queries, where US Customers are having trouble completing payments with Paypal.  Unfortunately, this is not a Kreative Kiwi issue (we are Paypal verified).  The issue is with new Bank Regulations in the US regarding completing a payment outside of the US.  Unfortunately we cannot help you with this issue, you need to contact Paypal, and they will assist you to complete your transaction, and ensure you don't have this issue going forward.

I placed an order, but I haven't received my Downloads?

If you are a member, or have purchased our designs before, you can Log into your account and download direct from the website - Download Previous Purchases

Or, Did you receive any e-mails?  - see Table below

 Kreative Kiwi Order  Kreative Kiwi Download Link e-mail  Paypal Receipt  

 Payment not processed

Check with Paypal

 NO  NO  YES  Looks like Kreative Kiwi e-mails being blocked - check your spam folder - Log into your Account and Download from your Account

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