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arrow_circle_down Ginni - Beautiful Ballerinas

Ginni - Beautiful Ballerinas
Ginni contacted me when she had just begun this quilt, and as you see below, was very happy with the designs.  - Next minute, this photo comes thru of the finished quilt and pillow!!   Once again, another beautiful quilt - Thank you so much for sending thru the photos, and your kind words, which are very much appreciated.
Hi Heather,

I just finished two of the Ballerina designs. I'm amazed at the detail! The designs are beautifully done, stitch up brilliantly and you're right, I sat watching them materialize, fascinated.

I have to tell you, the designs were quite a value. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality, given the low cost. (Just between you and I, they'd be a bargain at twice the price!)

Thanks so much.

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