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arrow_circle_down Granny Smith - Daffodils

Granny Smith - Daffodils

These photos made my day! Granny Smith has used our Daffodil designs to make this beautiful wall hanging for the nurses at Royal Adelaide Hospital.  To know my designs have been used in such a thoughtful gift is just amazing - I feel so honoured! 

Hi Heather
I thought you might be interested to see how well the daffodil designs have worked out for a wall hanging I have just finished for the nurses and staff at the Royal Adelaide Hospital
Radiotherapy unit where my husband is currently a patient.
I have made it in appreciation for the fantastic care and understanding they have, and still are providing , to my husband and myself during this stressful time.
It seemed more appropriate than a 'thank you card' as these can just be put in the bin, where as this is a reminder that they are always appreciated. and if they can take the time to care I can take the time to say thank you.
These and all the other designs are fantastic. Thank you
Thank you so much Rita.


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