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arrow_circle_down Lenore - Various Designs

Lenore - Various Designs

Wow Lenore, thank you so much for sending thru these photos - I'm so pleased to see such a variety of designs being put to use!  - Brendan looks so very proud in his shirt!!

Heres what Lenore said:

The Play centre kid I have had for quite a while to send
The pj's, the children chose the fabrics and Brendan asked for the Dino on his. Erica's I added lace to make it a bit more girly.When she saw Brendan's I was in serious trouble so had to add it to hers as well. 2 year olds can be very determined I found. I added extra flowers to hers. 
I loved making the hoop holder and made it straight away!! Sorry for the delay in sending it. Now I would like to make a stabilizer holder to match.
The construction machines are a great favourite of Brendan and I was instructed to put them all on a tee. I managed to get away with 4 at a time. It was much admired
when he wore it at my nephews wedding.
I have just finished making the pyjama bags.I tried to get a photo with them holding them but they are camera shy when I try to photograph them.It is obvious what their favourite characters are!! But I did manage a compromise as I love those designs

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