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arrow_circle_down Anne - Textured Teddies

Anne - Textured Teddies

Anne made this fantastic 'doona' cover (Textured Teddies) for her daughter who was due to have baby in about 2 weeks, together with the very cute muslin wraps using Baby Blocks.  Anne says The Baby Blocks were perfect for the muslin wraps because the weave is so loose that I don't think it would have been very successful to embroider directly onto the muslin. I also added vilene to the back, right before stitching the final satin stitching around the applique, and then cut the excess away on completion. This way, the only stitching that can touch baby's skin is the satin stitching.

Anne I'm sure your daughter will absolutely love your work.  I am so proud to see the designs looking so good.  THANK YOU!!

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